Oil Based or Water Based?

Old hardwood underneath old carpet? No problem! We can sand it back to life and better. Tired or disliking the color of your hardwood? We can stain your hardwood floors to match your preferences, so you're not tied down to just one choice.

​Pre Finished or Site Finished?

Quality is just as important to us as it is to you. Our goal is to leave you with hardwood floors you're proud to see every morning and every night. My promise to you is that I will be there with you every step of the way. From the beginning of the estimate, during the ongoing work, and the final completion of the job, I will be there. Making sure the floors come out to our standards.


It all depends on the situation on what is currently in your home. Do you have carpet with no hardwood underneath? Then skies the limit on different types of hardwood and colors. If you already have an existing pre finished hard floor then normally you would follow lead with same color pre finished hardwood floors. If you have site finished hardwood then there will be sanding involved but you can choose natural or stained hardwood floors. Both are durable after job completion but small differences between the two. With pre finished hardwood you can move in right away with furniture. No sanding is necessary, though there will be cutting and installation of the hardwood. Because it's already stained and finished the pre finished hardwood has micro bevels on all 4 ends of each board. Some like it, some don't, its really up to your tastes. With site finished hardwood floors there is sanding involved. The pros with a site finished hardwood floors is more smoother flatter floor. With no micro bevels, the floor will look more tight because of less lines showing. Giving it a more custom look to it when finished. Again it usually comes down to what is currently on your floors, but both are equally good.

With oil based polyurethane it has a amber like color that will age and golden with time. It's a time proven old finish that brings out the richness of stained or unstained floors. The cost is lower than water based polyurethane and the durability is good. Now the cons of oil based polyurethane are that it is high in VOCs, meaning it's not really good for you, pets, or the environment. So at the time of applying the finish, so you would need to vacate during the refinishing process. Once the floor is completed and dried to walk on it is safe. There are also high chances of a lingering smell from the oil based polyurethane which can lasts for days. So good ventilation after is a must. With that being said, it is a good finish but do plan to be away from the home for awhile.

​quality workmanship

Sanding & Refinishing



Sanding & Refinishing


Both are great choices but it comes down to time, and costs. Hopefully with a better understanding from reading above, you'll have a good idea on which options suits you best. 

From a patch repair, to an add on, or a full floor install, we're here to make your floors beautiful! Adding hardwood will bring you beauty, value, and warmth to your home. Also a easier to maintain floor with less allergens for kids, family, & pets!

Repairs & Installations

In the past when water based polyurethane was new, the formula or chemical make up didn't preform better then oil based. But now with new technology there are many water based polyurethane that surpasses oil based. New Hyrbid oil/water polyurethanes are shown on par with old oil based polyurethanes in durability. Also there are now 2 component finishes where you add a hardner to mix into the polyurethane to make it extremely durable. Benefits are low VOCs that are less harmful to you, pets, and the environment. With the new regulations most schools, malls, hospitals, and government are only allowed water based or zero VOC finishes. Being water based it usually takes only 2-3 hours to dry, so you can apply up to 2 coats per day. Meaning you can be back in your home faster. Lingering smells are usually also gone within 2-3 hours as it dissipates. With all that, the main con is really only the higher price point.